Fart Extinguisher Air Freshener


Identify the source of odour and spray vigorously at Farter! This Fart Extinguisher is a handy 100ml air fresher with spray nozzle, with a pleasant but strong smell to eliminate the very worst of odours! Not only a unique novelty gift, but a useful one too!

Conveniently sized to fit in the hand, be stored in a cupboard or taken out in a bag - our fart spray is ideal for any occasion where one needs to extinguish a stink! 

  • Fart Extinguisher contains emergency air freshener!
  • Measures approx 14.5 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm - 100ml of liquid
  • Garden Melody fragrance... No we don't know either, but anything is better than that other stink
  • Perfect Fathers Day gifts and stocking fillers for teenagers