The Handy Towel by Ecovask


Handy Towels got their name due to their truly multi-functional nature. Designed as a contemporary hand towel, we are often told by customers how they are their go-to tea towels. 

So we put them to the test, and agree they make a pretty good tea towel - especially for pots and pans and items not going into the dish washer.

Generous in size at 40x60cm, their flexibility, stretch and textured surface makes them ideal for regular drying.  

For best results Ecovask recommend pre-soaking new towels for several hours in cold water and 1/4 cup white vinegar before first use to prepare fibres for optimum absorbency. 

Made in India from sustainably sourced and certified organic cotton, they are easy care and can be machine washed and dried.   

Size approx 60cm x 40cm