Lala & Peepa Children’s Room Spray

Over The Rainbow Childrens Room And Linen Spray by Lala and Peepa.

At Lala and Peepa they believe that every child and parent deserves the unique precious moments of early childhood. While caring for children they observed that a familiar scent helped them become happier, even if the parents were not around.

Scientific research confirms a powerful link between the child’s sense of smell, memories and emotions. This is why Lala and Peepa created Over The Rainbow.

Over the Rainbow is a room and linen spray, developed for children (for ages 6 months and above), created with natural essential oils, such as organic New Zealand Lavender oil. It evokes a calming, relaxing and loving feeling, through a soothing scent. Resultantly, the child sleeps better and is happier throughout the day.

Lala and Peepa have carefully sourced their ingredients, because they believe that every child deserves the best start to life. Lala and Peepa also support Variety the Children’s Charity with every product they sell.