Aroha Tree - Poster + Sticker Set


A poster and sticker book to help create your very own Aroha Tree! Ages 6+

My Aroha Tree helps children create a habit of noticing what is good in their world. This daily habit can strengthen pathways in the brain that help to focus on the good in each and every day. This can help them through the difficult times when their days feel cloudy or cold.

My Aroha Tree contains a stunning A1 poster of a beautiful Kowhai tree, which includes, 'Lessons from a Tree' on it. The tree is a reminder that nature is a wonderful teacher. Also included is a sticker book filled with beautiful birds, insects and words to help children think about what they love, what they are grateful for and what fills them with joy. They can add a few stickers to the tree each day to celebrate the small things they've found to be glad about, which will help them to build the habits of a positive mindset.

Arrives in a beautifully designed envelope (35 x 24cm) that contains the A1 poster and sticker book which includes prompts for positive living